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Why Fitness Gadgets Are The New Black

Why Fitness Gadgets Are The New Black Exercise is probably the most integral piece of maintaining good health and living a productive lifestyle. And what better way to invest in your health then by eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise with the likes of today’s fitness gadgets.

According to New Year’s Resolutions Statistics, losing weight and staying fit & healthy is ranked #1 and #5 respectively as shown on the below infographic. So it’s no surprise that health and wellness fitness gadgets have carved out their own piece of mainstream cutting-edge technology to help achieve those goals.

The abundance of fitness gadgets currently on the market range from trackers that monitors your heart rate and calories burned to a brain-sensing headband that trains you to remain calm. These devices and more can theoretically improve the way we exercise for better living and long-term health.

Why Fitness Gadgets Are The New Black

Recommended Fitness Gadgets

Bladez Fitness Indoor Cycle
Bladez Fitness Indoor Cycle
Get the feel of the indoor cycle classes at gyms with this ultra quiet unit with 40 lbs. flywheel for varying tension to get you in top condition. The oversized steel frame provides stability, while transport wheels make this streamline unit easy to move from room to room. Attractive design and micro adjustable seat and handlebars provide custom styling and comfort for long training sessions. Easy top down control for varying levels of resistance make this simple to use, but as vigorous as those popular classes at gyms that have become the craze.

Bladez Fitness Elliptical Trainer
Bladez Fitness Elliptical Trainer

Get a full body workout in the comfort of your home with the Bladez Fitness X350P Elliptical.
Offering an ultra smooth heavy weight flywheel, this rear-drive, dual-action, low-impact elliptical provides 12 preset programs that offer quick start and 16-levels of electronically controlled resistance for maximum workout variety.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch
Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Get fit in style with Fitbit Blaze™—a smart fitness watch designed to help you maximize every workout and every day with revolutionary features like PurePulse™ heart rate, Connected GPS, on-screen workouts, and more. Then use the Fitbit dashboard on your phone or computer to see easy-to-read charts and graphs that track your progress; set goals, log food and track weight to see a more complete picture of your health; compete with friends and family in challenges and on the leaderboard; and earn achievement badges and get milestone updates!

Fitbit Surge? Fitness Super Watch
Fitbit Surge? Fitness Super Watch

Reach peak performance on the track, in the gym—wherever you are.
Pick your workout and go! Integrated GPS tracking and continuous, wrist-based heart rate monitoring gives you accurate, real-time workout stats like pace, distance traveled, calories burned, workout intensity and training zones to make the most out of your fitness routine. Get a complete picture of your fitness without needing to carry your smartphone during your workout. Run faster and go further with split times, route histories and workout summaries. Designed for all-day wear, this contoured watch tracks 24/7 heart rate, number of steps, distance traveled, floors climbed and sleep quality to get the most out of your day.

BH Fitness XS1 Elliptical Machine
BH Fitness XS1 Elliptical Machine
Building upon ergonomics, exercise range, ease of use, construction and user safety.
Its large 20” stride, oversized non-skid pedals and dual aluminum rails provide comfort, safety, stability and more. Our award winning line of residential products offers the latest technologies and features at value prices. Often costing far less than competitive models, the Signature Series is a great fit for your home.

Best Fitness BFMG20 Sportsman Gym
Best Fitness BFMG20 Sportsman Gym

Complete gym in one compact, affordable machine. The padded pressing arms follow the natural arc of a free weight bench press and pectoral dumbbell fly. Features 2200 lb. test nylon coated aircraft quality cables and fiberglass pulleys with ball bearing movement on solid axle rotation. Includes high pulley with wide grip lat bar and low pulley with narrow grip low row bar.

Sassy Caddy 2010069 Fitness Bag- Groovy
Sassy Caddy 2010069 Fitness Bag- Groovy


  • Double Strength Zipper Zips Across Body of Bag
  • Magnetic Flap to Enclose Bag As Well
  • 4 Vinyl Interior Pockets to Store Toiletries or Wet Clothing
  • Three External Pockets
  • Two External Adjustable Straps to Snap Your Mat or Towel Into
  • Internal Insulated Drink Cooler
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap & Two Leather Handles

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, White

  • Accurately track your weight, % body fat, and Body Mass Index (BMI) online
  • Upload your stats automatically via wi-fi to to see graphs of your progress
  • Easy to set-up the aria will automatically recognize up to eight users
  • With aria each account is password protected so you can control how much and what data to share.
  • This item is compatible with 802.11b wifi

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band – Purple Bundle Color: Purple Bundle Style: With Heart Rate Monitor

  • Move Bar – Motivates you to be active throughout the day by displaying a red move bar after one
  • 24/7 Wearable – Stylish, comfortable and water resistant2 wristband that is always on and ready to
  • Long battery life – Stays on for more than a year without having to change the battery.
  • Achieve your goals – Vivofit learns your activity level and assigns a personalized goal each
  • Monitor your sleep – Set the sleep mode when you go to bed to track the quality of your rest.

Laptop Workout Desk And Exercise Bike

It’s an exercise bike and a laptop work station in one, so you can get a great workout while you’re seated.

Rodeo Core Exerciser

The Rodeo Core Exerciser tones your abs, back, glutes and legs with a smooth motion like horseback riding!


Please let us know what you think about some of these elusive fitness gadgets by commentingin the box below…


  1. Definitely some interesting machines on here, but I am more interested in the “watches” per say. I am kinda oblivious to how they work so not sure if they have to be worn against the skin, or does just having them on your person, say in a pocket, work? I would love “pocket watch” style, but have not seen anything like that so far in my searches.

    1. Hey James

      To the best of my knowledge these watches have to be worn on the skin for detection of heart rate, pulse etc… however; you bring up an interesting point regarding pocket watches that can track as well. I’ll do some digging as well and perhaps post a review about it if I’m successful.


  2. Hi there,

    I actually thought that Orange is the new black. I guess I was wrong. 😉 Those watches that you have listed above, do they count steps while you are swinging your arm? I had a smart watch before and it does that. Because of that, I couldn’t trust its metrics. It was not Fitbit though so Im hoping that this one is different.


    1. Von-

      I found that there is no tracker on the market 100% accurate; however most fitness enthusiast would agree that the Apple Watch tends to be most accurate. It’s the best all-purpose tracker I’ve used, and I’ve tried a few. I’d say the Apple Watch is about 90% accurate, with fitbit trackers a close second. To answer your question, swinging your arm on the these trackers will not count as steps – simply because steps is not the only metric used to calculate them.


  3. I train with kettlebells on a regular basis and I’ve always wondered if the fitness watches and wrist bands would work if placed on the underside of the forearm. It seems like it would, but do you know for sure if the heart rate monitoring would still work that way?

    1. Hey Casey… unfortunately I can only confirm one fitness watch capable of maintaining performance if worn on the underside of the forearm (Mio Link Wrist Mounted Heart Rate Monitor). I’m actually intrigued with this unit… maybe I’ll conduct a product review in a few short weeks.


  4. I think the Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch looks awesome and I´m thinking of getting it for my girlfriend for her birthday.
    Do you know if they are more colors available? Even though that purple, one looks really nice.
    She will use it just to brag about, so I was just wondering about the colors.

    1. Hi Kevin-

      The Fitbit Blaze Smart Watch is great for fitness… and comes in a variation of 5 different colors including: Black, Grey, Purple, Gold & Silver. You can’t go wrong with by choosing this as a birthday gift.


  5. Hey man,

    this is very informative about different treadmills. I am going to buy the treadmill and see how it is.

    It will do me good because I need to lose some weight. Thank you for guiding me to the treadmill.

    I wish you the best man! I think that you have some great content.

    1. Thanks Emmanuel-

      Treadmills are a trending product right now for weight loss… Glad to see you found value from the products we promote!

  6. I think fitness gadgets will continue to be on the rise as technology advances. There are so many things to quantify now that doesn’t require extensive blood tests or biopsies and such. As more and more discoveries are made on human performance and correlation to bodily functions and parameters, I think fitness gadgets will stay the new black for a long time to come.

    1. Wing… I totally agree with you. There are a plethora of new fitness gadgets out on the market now. Look out for part 2 of this article coming soon.


  7. All of these are incredibly awesome. I want at least one of these is my home now. But I am new school fitness that loves the old school style. I like writing out my meals and diet in notebooks. Plus i like to write out my work outs since i dont follow anyone set plan. easy to track reps and weight that way. just takes time to go through it all. Maybe I’m missing something and this tool is already out there?

    1. Hey Kurtis-

      I like how you mentioned “new school fitness that loves the old school style.” Believe it not, there is a fitness gadget out there for everyone… keep checking back and I’ll deliver an update on fitness gadgets 2.0.


  8. I get that fitness watches are really taking off but I am not sure they are for me. I find my self to be more old school. I am the guy that brings my notepad and pen to the gym and tracks everything down on my own. I like being able to go back and look at progress and dedication from writing everything out. But, I would love some of that nice fitness equipment in my home.

    1. Kurtis… I can’t be mad at you. Lots of people like doing things old school style. However technology has revolutionized how we do things now. Trust me… these watches are only the beginning!


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