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What Is The Fitbit Ionic

what is the fitbit ionic Fitbit is rapidly becoming an industry leader with their latest and most highly anticipated editions of fitness watches. So what is the Fitbit Ionic and what’s so special about it?

Simply put… for $299 it is arguably Fitbit’s first true Smartwatch to hit the market. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, it is far from any comparison to an Apple watch.

The Fitbit Ionic is a much more capable and dependable device than any of its predecessors (including the Blaze). However, the design is still a bit suspect (unattractive to say the least). Yet, the battery life is outstanding! I mean literally… you can go almost a whole week on just one charge.

Compared To The Apple Watch Series 3

I’d say one of the biggest disappointments with the Ionic is the lack of app support although they have their own operating system to run third-party apps. Having said that… the Ionic is still a very intuitive smartwatch which now includes GPS and waterproof.

The other limitation worth noting is “notifications,” unlike the Apple watch… the Ionic is less intuitive in that area. Which may or may not be that important to you. However, you will find that the Ionic, like Apple, has their own mobile payment system called “Fitbit Pay” with selected vendors and selected Banks (e.g., Starbucks, Visa, Mastercard & American Express).

What I believe would really push Fitbit into elite status and give Apple a run for their money is having the ability to react to voice commands (much like Siri)… Amazon and Google did it!!

what is the fitbit ionic

In conclusion… as long as you label the Fitbit Ionic as a fitness watch first, with some smartwatch features, and not the other way around – I think you’d be very content with what the Ionic has to offer. One other thing to keep in mind is that the Ionic supports Windows, Android & IOS devices so you can keep up with all your friends.

So if you’re an Apple user you’re more than likely to go with the Apple watch Series 3… which is, of course, a smartwatch first, and fitness tracker second.

What do you think about the Fitbit Ionic?


  1. I’ve been a Fitbit user for some years now. Still got my Charge HR that’s done the job.

    Does this Fitbit keep all the features of the old ones? Besides the look of it, what NEW features are in it that weren’t available before??

    When you say it’s not ‘intuitive’ with regards to notifications, do you mean you had some problems with them loading? Or are they hard to set up, or what?

    I primarily use mine for running. How’s the GPS tracker on it? I’m currently using my Android phone for tracking since at the end an app provides me with a great breakdown of all my stats PLUS a map of where I ran. It’d be great if I didn’t need to carry my phone anymore!

    Maybe they’ll spruce the look up a bit on this new one if they hear enough people blog/complain about it, but does it at least come in more colors than brown?? That’s just….yuck. lol

    1. Hey Tj… to answer a few of your questions – the Ionic does come in Blk. What I meant by not being intuitive is that you get no alerts for messages, and unlike the Apple Watch you can’t give any voice commands. Gotta love that Charge HR though!!


  2. Hi Mark,
    Thank you for your insight on the Fitbit Ionic. Fitbit’s emergence into the Smartwatch category was inevitable but they did it in a great way. Their device focuses on fitness first. I just became an Apple Watch owner and I must admit their are features lacking when compared to the Fitbit.
    It’s awesome that the Ionic supports Windows, Android and IOS too.
    I appreciate your review.

    1. Thanks Lorrie… I personally love the Apple Watch. However Fitbit is stepping their game each time they come out with a new product.

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