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What Is The Amazon Echo?

what is the amazon echo It is new Amazon’s product, voice-activated, cloud-connected wireless speaker, who talks back to you and acts as kind of a personal assistant. Amazon launched the Echo in November 2014. So what is the Amazon Echo? At the time, Echo was clearly a beta product. But by getting lots of people to buy it for $99, Amazon was able to test this “smart” speaker with thousands of consumers and improve the product over time, enhancing the voice recognition capabilities as well as adding features. The only catch is the $99 beta-tester price is no longer available. Its official price is $180 and while it’s certainly less attractive at that price, it’s also become a better product

Look and  features

The Amazon Echo is an attractively designed speaker. The Echo looks like the tube in which the whiskey bottles are shipped. The bottom half of the tube is perforated with a canvas of holes, which let sound from the speaker driver inside pour out from the otherwise solid enclosure. At the top of the tube there’s a ring of lights that indicate what’s going on. When you activate the speaker it flashes white and blue. When it’s muted, the whole ring glows red. It doesn’t have a battery option, so it must be plugged in at all times

Physical controls are few, but available. On the top there is an action button that you’ll only ever use to set the device up in a new location. There is also a mute button so you can cut off the sound in a flash. The top half inch of the tube is actually a nearly invisible ring which you can twist to turn the volume up and down.


what is the amazon echo To use the Echo, you’ll need to download the companion app on your iOS or Android device or a computer of some sort. The App guides you through a painless three-minute setup procedure for connecting Echo to your Wi-Fi, and then it’s ready to respond to your commands.The speaker’s Wi-Fi setup is relatively straightforward, and you can also directly connect to the speaker via Bluetooth. Alexa is the voice behind Echo. For now she’s somewhat limited in her capabilities, though not without some nifty tricks up her sleeve. And she’s improving with age. I don’t think it’s the greatest sounding speaker in the world, but I really like the convenience of having Alexa respond to voice commands and do things like play music, read Audible books, give a weather forecast and set alarms for cooking and waking up. Alexa is also a source of entertainment and perhaps a teaching tool for children.


In conclusion, the Amazon Echo is a very intriguing device with a growing ecosystem of features and integration. However, it lacks some features and its capabilities are not full. Anyway, this device seems to grow on people over time as it continues to improve. It definitely has potential to become the gadget used by everyone for different tasks.


  1. We have Echo in our place!

    We mainly use it for creating a shopping list, listening to music, listening to the radio, and check weathers. I am pretty happy with the sound quality as well. Only the downside is that she has a hard time understanding my English with Japanese accent! lol I have tried a few sessions to have her used to my accent but thus far, it is not so successful. I know over time, this is going to be improved. Overall, we are happy to have her around 🙂


    1. Hi Yuko

      I mainly use mine for music also… I’m trying to break my habit of relying on Siri for everything. Glad you’re enjoying your Echo… hopefully they will have an update soon to improve speech recognition.


  2. Cool page good to see you use amazon a lot as do I. Have you ever tried writing on kindle? It’s a hobby of mine and I do that a lot. I even have some books out right now. Check them out if you want, I will link them to you they’re pretty good. It’s under my name Moss Bresnahan on amazon.

    1. Hey John-

      Yes, I love Amazon… but to answer your question, no I never tried writing on kindle. However I am intrigued by the idea, and will be sure to check out some of your books.


  3. Hey There,
    Thank you for sharing about this product!
    As a music fan myself I really enjoy Good quality music and especially my speakers! I didnt even know that a smart wireless speaker exists! With all the features this Amazon Echo speaker has..It really is a top class product. Thanks again for sharing such an insightful article! Be Blessed!


  4. Thanks for this great review! I have been looking around for outside information on the Echo. Its such an amazing little gadget that needs more attention. I was just wondering if you bought it and if you did, was the packaging and shipping good? Again thanks for the great review!

    1. Yes Matthew I did purchase it… Amazon is pretty good with their packaging so no complaints! I believe I received the product the same week I purchased it. Probably the best purchase all year thus far!


  5. Wow, thanks for the heads up on this product!

    I’m in the UK and the Amazon Echo is not something I’m aware of over here. It looks super cool though!

    Even with the likes of Siri and Cortana, I would personally still be interested in this gadget. Probably because it’s more or less completely handsfree.

    Amazon are really starting to produce a great line of products it seems!

    Do you know if this will be available outside of the USA anytime soon, specifically the UK?

    I’d love to feature the Amazon Echo on my website ‘Gift Ideas For Dads’ as I think most Dads would get a big kick out of a gift like that!

    Cheers, Tony.

    1. Hi Tony-

      The Amazon Echo is approaching its anniversary release date which is in November… unfortunately I do not have information on when and if they will release the product in the UK. However I did hear rumors of an Echo2 release. Check back with us later… maybe we’ll have more info in the near future.


      1. Echo2… Great, always love a bit of gadget evolution. Thanks Mark for getting back to me and I’ll keep on eye out on your great site here!

        Cheers, Tony.

  6. The Echo is pretty crazy, I love seeing new gadgets coming out. I never seen one quite like this. Seems like it would be pretty useful and the price tag is not that expensive, so its affordable to a lot of people would like to buy it. Right now the only thing I have is a Bluetooth speaker, and I need to have my phone somewhat near it for it to play but I see things are getting better now a days.

    1. Hey Brandon

      Sounds like you got some catching up to do… and the Amazon Echo is just the device to get you on track!

      Thanks for your comment

  7. Excellent!

    I can see this being a very helpful and useful device. I mean technology is a very real and important part of society, and it’s only going to get better.

    It does concern me thought that we may getting to a somewhat lazy society. I mean, folks nowadays depend on technology for just about everything. So, we’re having to do less and less and becoming more and more dependent on technology to a large degree.

    1. I agree with your comments… however we have to embrace new technology or get left behind. Besides, the Amazon Echo has a lot to offer for such a small investment.


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