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unique grilling tools The best thing about unique grilling tools (besides creating a delicious meal) is having the culinary skill-set to prepare them. Products such as the George Foreman Grill was designed to make delicious, healthy meals that are easily prepared by almost anyone, despite their skill-set.

The George Foreman Grill is still one of the most prominent kitchen resources on the market and everyone should have one; however, today we are going beyond the George Foreman Grill. I’m going to take you on a sneak peak and expose some of the best unique grilling tools on the market, and thus demonstrate the need for creating  tasteful, nutritious meals with these handy products.

These grilling tools are not only essential for disturbing the neighbors with the aroma from the backyard BBQ but great for gifts, outdoor living, tailgating, and entertaining guests also.

Take for example the indoor grill… with 6 automated settings, which takes the guesswork out of cooking burgers, fish, chicken and more.
This amazing OptiGrill has a built-in sensor that automatically adapts the cooking time to the thickness of your food. Audible beeps tell you when your food is at rare, medium or well done, and a cooking indicator light switches from yellow to red when food is ready. Simply choose an automatic setting for burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausage, pork, red meat or fish. Or, use the manual function to cook vegetables or your own personal recipes. Thaws and cooks frozen food in minutes. 

Or how about this mp3 Grill? No more hassling with with a boom box or any other external equipment.
This clever electric device is built for indoor or outdoor use, with a large 200-sq. in. cooking surface that’s ideal for grilling veggies, burgers and more. The nonstick coating ensures easy food release and cleanup, while a center channel drains away fat into a large grease tray. Best of all, this grill has a built-in 10-watt speaker, so you can crank up the built-in AM/FM radio or plug in any iPod, iPhone or other MP3 device. Plugs into an AC outlet.

How would you like to sear up some steaks with this portable wood-fire grill?
This Portable Wood-Fire Grill gets hot enough in just minutes for searing steaks, yet the base stays cool enough to use on a tabletop. Impart the flavorful wood-smoke taste into your favorite cuts of meat, because this grill uses wood as fuel. With the help of the turbo ventilator, the flames are literally fanned, getting the grill temps up to 593 degrees Celsius (1100 F) in just 5 minutes. Five fan speeds let you adjust for cooking delicate fish filets

Every guy who calls themselves “The Grill Master” should have one of these… 24 piece BBQ tool set.
BBQ Tool Set – a complete collection of professional grade stainless steel grilling and BBQ tools organized in a sturdy aluminum carrying case. Contains every tool you’ll need to work your magic with meat — a stainless steel spatula, fork, tongs, chef’s knife, basting brush, grill brush and four stainless steel skewers. It even comes with six steak knives, six dinner forks and salt and pepper shakers… all in convenient, easy-to-clean stainless steel. 

When the grilling is over and it’s time to clean up – we got you covered… The Stainless 
Steel Steam Cleaning Grill Brush
The Stainless Steel Steam Cleaning Grill Brush uses heat from your grill to make steam, so cleaning the barbecue is a breeze. Just fill the reservoir handle with water and flip a switch. Water flows into the steel bristles. When the water hits the hot grill, it turns to steam and instantly loosens up grease and charred foods. The powerful combination of steel bristles and steam gives your grill a clean-as-new appearance that’s also safer for food preparation. Works on virtually all charcoal and propane barbecues with cast iron, stainless steel or ceramic grills.

Of course there is nothing like oversize BBQ thongs to flip those oversize steaks!
Big steaks, multiple burgers and delicate fish filets – every grill chef needs the Oversized BBQ Tongs to flip and turn with confidence! This ‘double wide’ BBQ grilling tool gives you ready-for-anything capabilities. These large grilling tongs have an ergonomic rosewood handle for a sure-grip, plus durable stainless steel construction.

Check out these grilling tips from and let us now your thoughts… better yet, share with us a tip or two!

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  1. Oh dear, what are these? UFOs? Times do change it seems!…
    Well, I’m old, not that old, but I declare myself impressed with these grills!
    Who knows maybe even food gets better. Now if you put a good (cooking) man near those grills, I could buy one set!
    Kidding… 🙂

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