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top fitness gadgets What a better way to get in shape than with the assistance of top fitness gadgets. The fitbit is one of the most trending gadgets used today for fitness combined with smart phone apps and computer software. There are a ton of fitness devices on the market that will monitor everything from calorie consumption to heart rate and travel distance. These devices are easily designed to attach to your sports apparel while working out, and even less transparent when worn with business attire.


Personally, I have become so attached to my fitbit that I’d be lost without it. This device not only wakes you up (to your desired settings) it even monitors how much of a good nights sleep you had. For instance, while you’re asleep the fitbit monitors how many interruptions you encountered and reports that activity to your dashboard once synced. How good is that? Think about it… this is just the tip of the iceberg, as these products are becoming more sophisticated with todays lifestyles, such as this revolutionary that talks to your iPhone or iPad.

Food Tracking Smartscale

Eat smarter with the revolutionary kitchen scale that talks to your iPhone or iPad. Simply download the free app and pair the Food Tracking Smartscale with your device via Bluetooth. When you weigh your portions, the Food Tracking Smartscale analyzes up to 35 nutrients to help you maintain a healthy food intake and a healthy lifestyle. It even has a database of over 8,000 food items, so it’s perfect for anyone keeping a food journal.

Fitness Door Gym

The Fitness Door Gym is the ultimate training tool to strengthen and develop your shoulders, back, chest, arms and other muscle groups. Its unique “rock climbing” hand holds build forearm strength and provide an extra challenge during workouts. The Fitness Door Gym attaches to any standard doorway without hardware for multi-grip pull-ups and chin-ups.

Bionic Gloves
Bionic Gloves - Men's Fitness Gloves
Made of form-fitting neoprene material, Bionic Gloves feature internal pads that form a natural “V” to help lock in the bar holding the weight. This unique anatomical pad system provides superior grip and helps you work specific muscles more effectively and lift more weight. Bionic gloves are also the only fitness gloves designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon. Bionic gloves are crafted from Coolmax Lycra and breathable digitized goatskin leather to provide a comfortable, natural feel. This design absorbs moisture during even the most intense workouts and helps prevent calluses and blisters.

The Flipbelt
top fitness gadgets
The worlds best running, fitness and workout belt. The FlipBelt holds your phone, keys, gel packs etc…

  • Slides right on a sits snug on your hips
  • 4 easily accessible pockets let you tuck in your phone, keys, gel packs, credit cards and more
  • Locks all your stuff into place when you flip the belt inward
  • No buckles to cause uncomfortable chafing.



  1. My sister uses a Fitbit, and she loves it too! She says it’s very comfortable and convenient. I just clicked through to your Amazon link, and the price is very reasonable. I may have to pick one up this weekend. Thanks sharing your opinion on this gadget!

  2. I’m a health freak and so a cool gadget like Fitbit was always for me. It helped me a lot in understanding my sleep pattern as well as helped me immensely during my runs in the morning. Pretty neat little tech. Planning to pickup one or two more as the prices are quite reasonable right now. You never know when the prices of such a kickass product soars. Can’t risk it, you know.

    1. The Fitbit is a nice product… and there are so many different variations to choose from now. Once I get my hands on a couple of more, I’ll do a review post and compare them.


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