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Product: Numark Orbit Wireless Handheld Midi Controller

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For those who don’t know me I’ve been a DJ for over 25 years. Having said that, I use the most modern technology on the market (i.e., The Numark Orbit) to help run an efficient business.  If there are products out there that can help streamline my business both creatively and administratively I’m interested. So when this product became available on the market I was  intrigued with the dynamics and decided that I wanted to use this product for my gadget review.


What Is The Orbit Designed To Do

gadget review The Numark Orbit is taylor-made for the live DJ performance via a powerful wireless controller that enables effects, launch samples and hot cues, control software, trigger lighting and much more right on the fly. 


Numark Orbit Features


  • 2.4 GHz ultra-low-latency wireless performance control
  • 16 backlit pads, 4 selectable banks, 4 virtual knobs per bank
  • Internal 2-axis accelerometer for instant motion control via 2 shoulder trigger controls
  • 100% MIDI-customizable: control music, software, videos, effects, lighting, and more
  • Use handheld, strapped to belt or body or hung around neck
  • Included MIDI editor allows easy configuration of all 84 performance controls
  • Illuminated aluminum-faced control wheel Includes Orbit DJ software
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery


Compare the Orbit to Serato Remote

The only device out on the market that comes close to the same wireless technology is the gadet review Serato Remote (which is an app using the iPhone & iPad) for Serato dj. The Serato app is no threat to the Numark Orbit; however it does make great use for an alternative solution for remote access.



Does The Orbit Deliver


  • 16 backlit pads are fully customizable with 4 selectable banks
  • Center aluminum-faced control wheel allows you to assign up to four virtual knobs
  • Orbit charges via USB and can also control your software via USB
  • Wireless performance control with a range of up to 100 feet and eight hours of continuous use per charge (up to 24 hours standby)
  • Embedded MIDI-assignable accelerometer makes your mix follow your motion
  • By tilting Orbit left and right or forward and back, you can create sweeping effects and even combine two effects at the same time
  • Comes pre-programmed for Traktor software Djs
  • Tutorials videos available for support


  • Orbit DJ Software comes with limited functionality
  • Programming the device can be very time consuming







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Numark Orbit Wireless Handheld Midi Controller
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  1. The Numark Orbit looks amazing. I read your about me page and I’m from the vinyl generation too. I’m reluctant to give new technology a go so this website has been a real eye opener. Hey how do you think Kool Herc would been on the Orbit ?

    1. Chris-

      First let me say it’s always great to chop it up with someone that can relate to the vinyl era. The Orbit in my opinion has changed the game… I know that there are a lot of DJ’s that are reluctant to embacing such technology, but believe me – I think Herc would have killed it on the the Orbit, simply because he was a game changer. Chris are you still rocking turntables?

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