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The 10 Best Pet Toys Online

the-10-best-pet-toys-online Recently I took my kids to see the movie “The Secret Life Of Pets” and if that was any indication to what our pets do while we’re away from home… then we’re more naive than what we thought. So if you seen the movie and want to prevent your pet from duplicating such activity, than what better way to spoil your pet than with these 10 best pet toys available online today!

We all want the best for our pets… in the comfort of our home as well as on the road. These well deserved pet gadgets are a sure thing when it comes to comfort, safety and convenience for your pets.


Pet’s Double Laser Chase Toy

Now you can exercise multiple pets at the same time with the Double Laser Pet Toy. It has two automatic rotating laser lights to provide hours of fun for your furry friends. Simply place it on the floor, turn it on and watch the chase begin! Two red laser dots move in circular patterns, jump around and randomly switch direction. Features four speeds and four timer settings for a total of 16 play variations.

Multi-Tier Pet Fountain

Developed by a veterinarian, the Multi-Tier Pet Fountain provides 100 oz. of fresh, filtered water for your cats and dogs. A patented free-falling stream of water entices your pets to drink more, and continually aerates the water with healthful oxygen. It features two places for pets to drink from, the elevated dish and the lower bowl, plus a replaceable charcoal filter that removes dirt, bad tastes and odors. For indoor use only.

Pet Gazebo

Give your dogs the benefit of a shaded outdoor kennel with the attractive Pet Gazebo. This durable steel structure features an elegant, rust-resistant “Aztek Gold” finish, plus a low-profile design that compliments any landscape. Raised footing makes it easy to keep the ground clean. Purchase multiple units to form a larger outdoor kennel. Tool-free assembly required.

Flea Zapper

Protect your pets — and your household — from itchy, biting fleas with the cordless and portable Flea Zapper. Designed exclusively for pets, it features a tight comb that is electrically charged by two disposable batteries. Simply groom your pet’s fur… an electrical discharge kills fleas on contact, without harming or irritating your pet. It’s safe, effective, chemical free and very easy to use — ideal for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes. Includes cleaning brush and instruction manual.

Pet Air Cleaner

The five-stage Pet Air Cleaner is uniquely designed to capture and eliminate 99.99% of pet hair, dander, allergens, microbes and pet odors from your home. Air passes through five cleaning steps: an anti-bacterial pre-filter, a replaceable HEPA filter, a nano silver anti-microbial shield (to neutralize germs and bacteria), an odor control carbon filter, and lastly PlasmaWave Technology, which attacks pollutants at a molecular level without producing harmful ozone. Replace HEPA filter approximately every 12 months. Includes one HEPA filter.

Motion Activated Pet Bowl

This innovative pet bowl has a built in motion sensor on top. When the sensor detects your pet is near, the doors on top automatically slide open to reveal your pet’s food. The doors slide shut 5 seconds after the pet is finished and walks away. Odors are kept inside the closed compartments, and insects are kept out. The bowl holds 64 oz of food and is dishwasher safe for cleaning.

Outdoor Dog Chaise Lounger

Enjoy your time in the sun while your dog relaxes in the shade. The Outdoor Dog Chaise Lounger is a stylish dog bed that’s perfect for any deck or poolside patio. Made of waterproof faux rattan material, it features an overhead shade to keep your canine cool and shaded from the sun. Includes a comfortable, 3″ thick outdoor cushion with pillow top that’s machine washable for easy maintenance. Available in espresso color. Some assembly required.

Dog Waste Vacuum

If you love dogs but hate scooping up behind them, check out the cordless rechargeable Dog Waste Vacuum. Its powerful motor spins at 30,000 RPM to pick up waste from any size dog. The patented design utilizes recyclable bags that slip over the front end, so waste never touches the unit or your hands. When the bag is full, simply throw it away. Works on grass, concrete, gravel and even carpet in case of indoor accidents. Includes recharging cord and 25 bags.

HoundAbout Classic Bicycle Trailer for Pets
HoundAbout Classic Bicycle Trailer for Pets
If you want to get in a bike ride, but your pet isn’t up to it, you can still take them along. Perfect for cycling to the dog park – you get a workout there and back, and fido stays safe while you’re on the road. For those who are nervous about leashing their pet to a bicycle – the HoundAbout solves that problem and your pet will love the ride.

Snoozer Pet Dog Cat Puppy Soft Comfortable Lounger Rectangle Sleeping Rest Bed Large Black

Waterproof Rectangular Pet Bed – Black Designed specifically for pets who love the outdoors this dog bed will provide a comfortable place for your pet to relax while drying off. Perfect for camping, travel or training this pet bed is waterproof and machine washable keeping your pet dry and clean. This 5 thick waterproof dog bed is designed for the outdoors – use it in the dog house, car port or garage. Filled with cedar and poly – the cedar naturally eliminates fleas and other insects. The cover is machine washable and dryable.

If there are any Pet Gadgets you’d like to see that is not included in this post, leave us a comment to let us know… that way we can find something comparable and highlight it in a later post. Or just feel free to comment to let us know what you think!


  1. I love ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ film!

    This is a great article, as an owner of 7 dogs, 4 cats, 2 birds and a tortoise I can definitely relate to it.

    You have highlighted some very interesting products. I particularly like the pet waste vacuum as I hate picking it up with a tissue!

    The pet Chaise Lounge is also very sweet, my dogs would love to sit there


    1. Jane-

      The Secret Life of Pets is a great movie… I especially liked the “Rabbit” played by Kevin Hart’s character. But yes… these are some great toys for your pets.

  2. Hey there,

    Thanks for listing these toys! I’ve been meaning to buy something for Nikolai, my cat, especially since Christmas is just around the corner. The double chaser looks great, but it seems like a 2 player game? I only have one pet which other toy do you recommend?

    Thanks again for sharing!


    1. Hello Anh-

      There is a plethora of toys for cats… perhaps I’ll do blog post just for cat gadgets before Christmas.


  3. These are some eye-opening products I’ve yet to see in my local pet store. As a dog owner for almost 10 years, I like to buy things that can keep her comfortable in her senior years.

    The first thing that attract my attention is the chaise lounger. Lady, my dog, loves to sit next to me when I am reading in the garden. I usually spread a thick towel for her to lie on as she’s allergic to grasses, but this lounger looks like a better option since it comes with an elevated bed.

    I wonder what type of sizes they have for this stylish furniture. Any idea?

    1. Hi Cathy-

      For this particular item… it’s one size fits all. However, there are many more items to select from to keep Lady comfortable. I will expand on Pet Gadgets in a forthcoming post.


  4. Hey there, I really like this post. Stumbled across this as I was searching for the best toys for my cats and dogs. I noticed that only the first one is on toys, the rest are more like essentials – but I enjoy reading them all the same. Perhaps you can share more great pet toy finds in your upcoming posts. Thanks for sharing!

    1. HI lily- I’m glad you found value and enjoyed my post on Pet Toys… I will certainly follow up in the upcoming months to write another article on pet toys!

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