New Nike Back To The Future Shoes

New Nike Back To The Future Shoes As you may be well aware of… Nike has partnered up with the Michael J. Fox Foundation to help raise money to help find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. So, for a measly $10 donation you can be entered into a raffle to secure a spot for one of 89 pairs of limited edition Nike Back To The Future Shoes (Nike Mag Shoes).

Now, in the words of the late great ‘Chick Hearn’ you have two chances of  snagging an elusive pair… (slim & none).  In part, because Oct. 11th was the last day to purchase a raffle ticket online. However, no need to fret – on Nov. 28th Nike will be releasing the HyperAdapts which will feature the same self lacing technology as the Mags; yet, designed with more performance in mind.

The HyperAdapts are a fully functional shoe and can be worn to compete in, with buttons by the collar to tighten and loosen the shoes as well as turn on the lights along the bottom. Complete with a sensor to automatically tighten the shoes while on the go, and can be charged wirelessly.


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