Cool Must Have Gadgets

cool must have gadgets
Gadgets, also referred to as gizmos were formally known as a small tool with a particular function such as the google glasses. However these cool must have gadgets evolved into  a variation of tools and resources formulated into our existence for beneficial gain. For example, computers, smart phones, and a host of other electronics play an integral part of communication – essential for a fast pace evolving economy.

Here I am going to share with you some of the most cutting edge gadgets that science and technology introduced to the market place. Entrepreneurs like you and myself long for technology with substance which can add exponential benefits to our user experience.

 Coolest Gadgets

The alarm clock – Smart phone – Personal computer – Bluetooth – have all had their share in the spot light and perhaps still relevant. However what I am about to reveal to you today are a few “must have gadgets” that I’d personally researched and now recommend for use of…

Why settle for just 2-Dimensional photos and videos when 3-D is so much more compelling? Capture high-definition 2D and 3D images with this HD flash memory camcorder that records video up to 1080p for immersive, life-like movies, as well as still photos. When viewed on the 3.2″ LCD screen (or on a 3D TV) your 3D shots appear in three dimensions and you don’t even need special glasses.
3D Camcorder

The Dyson Bladeless Personal Heater/Fan uses Dyson’s Air Multiplier™ technology to draw in air and amplify it up to 18 times for an uninterrupted stream of smooth, comforting heat. Its smooth operating oscillation directs the warm air through any area for faster, even heating and pivots to let you direct airflow exactly where you want it.
The Dyson Bladeless Personal Heater/Fan

Business travelers can pack lighter with the Rechargeable USB Travel Razor. Smaller than a smartphone, it charges directly from a computer via USB for a smooth, comfortable shave. With its sharp blades and fast vibration, the Rechargeable USB Travel Razor replaces bulky, corded electric razors, as well as traditional razors, gels and foam. Stash one in a briefcase or desk for a quick shave before a big presentation. A full charge gives you 30 minutes of shave time. Available in black or white.
Rechargeable USB Travel Razor

Turn your iPhone or any other smartphone into your private detective to track down all those things you typically have trouble finding. Put “Honey have you seen my keys?” “Hey, who moved my briefcase?” and “Does anyone remember where I left my phone?” behind you forever. Download the free CobraTag™ app from your smartphone’s app store and attach the Personal Item Locator “tag” to anything that keeps getting away from you. When any tagged item gets too far away from your smartphone The Personal Item Locator sends you an alert, then tracks the item down by GPS and lets you know where it is.
Smartphone Personal Item Locator

You’ll always be ready to shoot 720p HD videos with audio (1280 x 720 resolution), take sensational still photos (2 megapixels), when you take along this camera that’s so small, it will fit on the tip of your finger.
World’s Smallest HD Camera

Put UV germ killing technology to work on your cell phone, with the first ever UV Cell Phone Sanitizer! You make contact with your cell phone all through your day, but do you realize how many germs and pathogens are lurking there? Your phone isn’t just storing your speed dial numbers; it’s also housing a greater concentration of bacteria than your doorknobs or bathrooms. But you can eradicate the germs in minutes with the UV Cell Phone Sanitizer. Disinfect cell phones, iPhones, Bluetooth headsets, earbuds, and MP3 Players and kill strep, e-coli, salmonella, pseudomonas, listeria and even the H1N1 virus.
UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

The Smartphone Photo Cube Printer lets you print borderless color photos in 4″x6″ or panorama sizes, without a computer. Simply download the free app, choose your JPEG photo, connect your device, and watch photos print before your eyes in razor-sharp 300dpi x 300dpi resolution. Compatible with all iPhone, iPad, Galaxy and other Android devices via 30-pin dock or USB port (simply use the USB cable that came with your device). PictBridge compatible. Includes sample cartridge that prints 10 4″ x 6″ photos.
Smartphone Photo Cube Printer

2.4GHz Wireless TV Headphones
Stop fighting over the TV volume once and for all! With our 2.4GHz Wireless Headphones, you can get crisp, clear, LOUD sound without disturbing those around you. Late night sports game? Partial to the evening news? Now you can listen to your favorite programs while your partner sleeps soundly beside you. 
cool must have gadgets

These are just a few very resourceful must have gadgets I found intriguing that I wanted to share. Obviously I can’t list everything here; however I’d like you to share with me in the comments below the type of gadgets you use to build your brand and/or enhance your lifestyle.


The Future of Technology

This year technology has produced some incredible gadgets that has influenced our business and everyday lifestyles. The future however, appears to be even more compelling as more sophisticated and diverse gadgets are scheduled to make a huge splash in the marketplace. Lets take a look at these cool must have gadgets… please be sure to express your opinions, likes and dislikes in the comments below.



  1. What an awesome blog. I consider myself to be one of the most technologically aware person, but what a leveler this blog has been for me. I have read many articles on this blog and got to know many awesome gadgets which I was totally missing till now. The gadgets posted here are extremely cool, futuristic and really eye-candy stuff. I wish I could own all of them one day. Thnx!

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