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Is The iPhone 7 Worth The Price Of Admission

Is The iPhone 7 Worth The Price Of Admission So what is all the hype surrounding Apple’s iPhone 7? Is it the implementation of being water resistant, the extended battery life, or something more elusive like the dual camera zoom on the 7 Plus? Whatever the case may be… is the iphone 7 worth the price of admission? Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent features of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to see if we can try justifying the average cost of around $650.

Let me begin by saying, “I actually expected much more from the iPhone 7.” Maybe they’re saving all the bells and whistles with the forthcoming release of the iPhone 8… Having said that, Apple’s biggest competitor (Samsung) has a plethora of features, but unfortunately feeling the wrath behind their release of the Note 7 which has blown up the market (pun intended). Apple may have 99 problems but a Galaxy Note 7 aint one!

Wireless Airpods

You can easily make the argument that Apple is the industry leader in technology; hence, giving us a glimpse of the future with the release of the iPhone 7. However, not without a little controversy though… as we enter into a new era of wireless technology – Apple quickly hopped on the bandwagon by phasing out the audio jack to become wireless instead.

Is The iPhone 7 Worth The Price Of Admission
I strongly believe that this controversial move would’ve been more receptive if Apple would have enhanced their earpods… (which by the way still comes standard with the iPhone 7) with… wait for it… “Beats by Dre” technology.” It totally makes sense right?? It’s been a couple years now since Dr. Dre saw his bank account rise by 3 Billion… so why not integrate some “Beats” if you’re still given us earpods that is now dependant upon a “lighting jack adapter.” If we’re lucky perhaps we will see a collaboration in next years iPhone release.


Camera Upgrade

When you think about it… mobile photography is rapidly becoming the industry standard for capturing picture and video. None however,  more important than those sizzling selfies we can’t seem get enough of. The growing popularity of social media has had a huge impact on our smartphone purchasing decisions. In fact, a huge number of consumers are upgrading to mobile devices that have better picture quality.

And while the Galaxy S7 and Note 7 have set the tone (in my opinion) for best picture quality… the iPhone 7 have made significant improvements to outperform Samsung, and it’s predecessor the ‘iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’.

For starters… the iPhone 7 Plus has dual camera lens on the device (1.8 28mm wide-angle lens & 2.8 56mm telephoto lens) that operates simultaneously allowing you to digitally zoom in & out of a target without losing image quality. I’ve also heard of a forthcoming software update that will enable a portrait mode blurring the background.

Now, when it comes to taking the perfect selfie… the iPhone 7 delivered by increasing the megapixels on the front sensor from 5 to 7-megapixels, and thus providing bright sharp snapchat images and video for your followers amusement.

The New Home Button

Ok, despite all the new upgrades… the new iPhone 7’s home button has to be the most awkward change to get accustomed to. Simply because the button does not move when you press it. The new home button does however does provide a jolt when you apply pressure to it which feels much more like a click. The effect is similar to the MacBook’s Force Touch trackpad and the Magic Trackpad, which also don’t physically click but provide a subtle vibration when you press down to simulate the feeling of a click.

I’m telling you it feels really weird – took me minute to actually realize what was happening. Nonetheless, this new change is suppose to make the home button more customizable …more durable and water resistant.

Overall Performance

Thanks to the new A10 Fusion chip… the iPhone 7 has four cores: two high-performance cores for the most intense tasks, and two low-energy cores to handle easier jobs while saving power. This upgrade seamlessly allows apps to install updates and launch much faster. More importantly, Apple was able to create a more efficient processor that delivers the same perceived performance as the previous generation while using far less power.

Supposedly, by removing the audio jack created more space for a larger battery allowing the iPhone 7 to run for two more hours than the iPhone 6S, and the 7 Plus to go for an hour longer than the 6S Plus.

In conclusion, my only beef with the iPhone 7 is that Apple gave us all these new features, yet we can’t even take full advantage of the Apple Airbuds because their not even fully functional just yet. And when they do become available… you’re looking at an additional cost of about $159. Nonetheless, I’m very excited about the release of the iPhone 7 even though most people believe that it’s not worth the upgrade if you already the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

So, should you make the move now or wait for the next iPhone release?



  1. As an iPhone user myself, I’ve been wondering about updating to the new version. Especially since they don’t bear a lot of appearance change from the 6 and no matter what safety precautions are applied, I don’t like the new plug for their earphones, that just made it much harder to use the same earphone everywhere.

    That said, I did change my mind when I gave it a try. It’s much faster and the quality of the sound is phenomenal. To answer your question, I don’t plan on upgrading just yet but maybe in the near future if my iPhone stops functioning correctly.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Anh

      Getting rid of the audio plug is probably the biggest complaint I’ve encountered when speaking to my peers about the new iPhone 7. Thanks for your comments

  2. I am an apple fan! I have an Iphone 5s, ipod, ipad and recently just ordered my Macbook Pro online. Their products are great for bloggers. I must admit that I’m coveting the Iphone 7 right now. I am concerned about the fact that they removed the audio jack. How do you think the market will react to this? Personally I’d rather buy a later model to give them time to iron out all their little glitches.

    1. Hi Celeste

      I’m all about embracing new technology… so if you have to remove the audio jack to go wireless in the future I’m all for it. But as I mentioned in the post, I’d like to see some kind of integration with “Beats” during the transition.


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