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Instant Prynt With Your iPhone 6

Instant Prynt With Your iPhone Who says you can’t print from your iPhone? Well, thanks to Prynt Corp. the reality of being able to Instant Prynt  straight from your iPhone is as simple as attaching a Zink paper-based printer case to your smart phone. Prynt is the first-ever smart-phone printer/phone case that reimagines how we share digital content.

Prynt’s 500mAh lithium-ion battery is charged via USB and images are printed with thermal technology on paper with embedded ink, which simply means… NO BATTERIES OR INK REQUIRED!!

How It Works

Simply connect your smartphone to the Prynt Case using one of the selected adaptors: iPhone 6, 6s, 5s, 5c, 5 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S5 & S4 and start shooting. When you take a picture, the app records a six-second video and stores it in the cloud which links to that photo. After its been printed, your friends can use their smartphone to scan the photo much like the way you do with QR codes, so that you can see your photos come alive with a short video clip on the screen.

Instant Prynt With Your iPhone 6

Prynt utilize ZINK to print vibrant, long-lasting, tear and smudge resistant photos which can be refilled at anytime through the Prynt app which will be sent right to you. The App also offers in-app editing with filters and frames that will allow you record video from pre-existing photos from your camera roll and social media accounts. Each photo takes approximately 30 seconds to print.


  1. Oh wow, what an interesting concept. taking a photo and instantly a tangible photo is generated. What i loved most about this product was how you scan a photo like a simple QR code and watch the video.

    Imagine sticking a bunch pf these photos on a bedroom and then watching these memories come to life!

    Great review Deejay, liked what you had to say about this product.

  2. Hi Mark,this is a great deal for innovation,see,now we are moving into higher technological usage,i will love to have this kind of phone but the price always shy me away.Can i get this on hire purchase at any renowned site or it has to upfront payment?The situation is that,every site now turns to only sell things upfront and getting money for such payment is not easy to come by,so if there is any site for hire purchase of the iphone 6 kindly let me know.Thanks.

    1. Hey Roland-

      If I ever come across a site for hire purchase I’ll will be happy to share that with you…


  3. Hello, very short, but very informative post. I never knew that such thing exists. It’s really nice to see that people are creating great innovative things and improving our lives! I have a Galaxy S4, so I can purchase it. Did you know how much this thing costs? It doesn’t look like the cheapest gadget, though…

    1. Yes… the cost as of now is $149.99 at Amazon. It’s amazing what this little Prynt Case is capable of.


  4. I love the product ! I love how they made it easy to use and no ink means no filling ink every week. I was only wondering are they also working on a version that works on other phones too ? That would bring a lot of opportunities! Thanks for bringing me this product I love it.



    1. Yes Bryan… the guys over at Prynt did indicate that they plan on rolling out an advanced version to accommodate more smartphones.


  5. This looks like a very cool idea. This would save me time going to the photo shop to print out my pictures. I hate having to do this all the time, so this will make it more convenient for me.

    What kind of editing can you do with this app? I wonder as I am allowed to do some form of editing at the shop that I go to.

    1. Right before you print out a photo, you can edit it with the built-in photo editor. There are options to enhance the photo’s colors, add a filter, add frames, add stickers, add text and add a doodle. The downside is that you can only make edits immediately after you’ve taken a photo; you can’t edit photos you’ve already saved.


  6. Very Interesting.

    This kind of reminds me of the old Polaroid’s where after taking a picture, a hard copy would roll out of the camera and develop right before your eyes.

    This is kind of cool, however, I really don’t see many practical applications for it. I mean not too many people nowadays actually print pictures; most are saved and electronic files. What would be some practical uses for it???

    1. I hear you… some people just like it things the old fashion way! Plus, with Prynt… it just make things real convenient to print pictures right on the fly with your iPhone.


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