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hi tech home gadgets We expect a lot from the devices we use, so why not put the same demand on high tech home gadgets? For most of us we watched how our mobile phones evolved from making simple phone calls to smart phones – providing us with real-time updates; much less giving us the ability to share data with everyone around the world.

Modern Technology

In today’s world of modern technology, innovators are consistently introducing futuristic devices to the market place including high tech home gadgets that were more than likely seen only in the movies; yet prevalent now in households across the country. Though these gadgets are filled with a variety of features such as safety, surveillance, cleaning, entertainment, and come in all shapes and sizes – they do deliver and in most cases exceed our expectations.

Home Gadgets

The Pivoting High Pressure Shower Head swivels up to 45 degrees, delivering spray coverage exactly where you like. It features 54 pressurized spray nozzles that supply up to 30% more power than typical rain showers. The increased pressure means you’ll use less water and save on water and energy bills — up to $85 per year! Click the orbital arm to select one of three invigorating shower settings: oxygenated rain, multi-direction oxygenated spray or focused stream.
Pivoting High Pressure Shower Head


The Neato XV-11 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner uses a laser mapping system to plan out its cleaning path, and then acts as your all-floor vacuum cleaner that avoids bumping into walls, furniture, or stairs. This truly is a robot vacuum; it creates a map of your floor plan and surrounds. The Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner is thorough and efficient, and will not bounce off the walls. Using a straight-line pattern, this all-floor vacuum cleaner completes its task, and then automatically returns to the charging base. The high performance Neato robot vacuum cleaner removes all kinds of dirt and debris, including pet hair. An all-floor vacuum cleaner, it tackles all surfaces.
Laser Guided Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


The Motion-Activated Cordless Light detects movement up to 25 feet away and activates a bright floodlight that stays on for 30 seconds after motion has ceased. Its powerful 42-lumen light features six superbright LEDs and built-in photo cells that prevent daytime activation. The Motion-Activated Cordless Light is weather resistant and installs easily without an electrician — ideal for crime deterrence and personal safety.
Motion Activated Cordless Light


With the Dock and View TV Apple Viewer, you can stream movies, TV shows, music, pictures, surf the net and much more, all while charging your iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices on the dual charging dock. This slim, compact, sleekly-designed charging dock makes a handsome addition to any room with a television. The Dock and View TV Apple Viewer connects to your television set with composite cables (with red, white and yellow jack) that fits into your TV’s cable outlet. No WIFI is required! It comes with a remote control to let you pick and choose what you’re going to watch from the comfort of your easy chair. Charges and docks all iPads, iPhones and iPods, except the iPhone 5, iPad with Retina Display and iPad Mini.
iPhone/iPad TV Viewer


The Smartphone Security Camera lets you monitor your home, business or health care workers right on your smartphone. Simply plug it in and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. The camera transmits live video, allows two-way audio for listening and talking remotely and provides push notifications if it detects motion. Features 128 degree wide angle lens, night vision with 10’ range and HD recording to Micro SD card (card not included). Compatible with Samsung Galaxy and all other Android phones operating system 4.0 or above, iPhone 4/4S/5 and iPad running iOS 5.x, 6.x or above.
Smartphone Security Camera

Quickly clean up everyday messes and spills with the rechargeable Wet/Dry Cordless Hand Vacuum. It has 14.4 volts of power, and up to 400% more suction than traditional hand vacuums. Plus, the HEPA filtration captures 99.97% of dust, pollen, bacteria and other allergens. An onboard LED headlight helps you target dirt fast. Includes three cleaning tools: extendable wand crevice tool, squeegee and upholstery brush.
Wet/Dry Cordless Hand Vacuum


  1. Can’t believe how much the technology has advanced in the recent times. Say 20 years back, no one could have even imagined, in their wildest dreams, that such things will be available so easily in the markets, but see how the things have changed. These are very much part of the reality now.
    Among the list, the Laser Guided Robotic Vacuum Cleaner really takes the cake for me. I’m gonna order it pretty soon. Huge time savings for a house-wife like me. Can’t thank you enough for the interesting write-up.

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