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Flask For Men and Leather Cigar Case

flask for men and leather cigar case
Great gift ideas start right here… enjoy your favorite liquor and cigars with the comfort of your very own flask for men and leather cigar case.

Enjoy This Classic Combo Anywhere!

Whether out on the town with the fellas doing a little club hopping chasing women or playing 18 holes on your favorite golf course, this classic combo of liquor and cigars is jut a pocket or two away.

flask for men and leather cigar case Keep in mind however, flask these days come in all shapes and sizes – and not all flasks are made to be hidden and pulled out on the sly. For example, how about a game of Poker where liquor and cigars are synonymous with a little friendly card game wager.

Cigar Lounges

Cigar lounges have been around for years, however these days cigar lounges are becoming more prominent in upscale bars, night clubs, and even gentlemen clubs with plushy-appointed interiors, that may sometime include a piano and/or pool table(s). flask for men and leather cigar case Nonetheless, it would probably behoove you to sport the best looking flask for men and leather cigar case as some of the hottest chicks in the building find themselves hanging out in cigar lounges in need of top branded cigars to puff. What better way to get quickly acquainted…

Flask For Men and Leather Cigar Case

Royce Leather 948-BLK-6 Cigar-Flask Set
flask for men and leather cigar case
• The Must Have kit for all car owners! This Genuine Leather case comes with a pen, tire gauge and flashlight. Will fit perfectly in your glove compartment.
• Pairing the worlds finest genuine leather with 2.5 oz. stainless steel cylinder flask, stainless steel cigar holder, and a stainless steel cigar cutter, this kit is both relaxed and refined, the ultimate gift for a liquor and cigar connoisseur.
• Keeping true to the Nappa Collection, this style features subtly rounded corners and double stitching details for extra handsomeness.

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