Evolution Of Music and Technology

evolution of music and technology Over the years we have seen the evolution of music and technology evolve from Cassettes & LPs to CD’s & MP3’s. Technology has enabled several mobile entertainers to sustain and grow their business throughout the digital era. I remember back in the 80’s when I first started Djing, (which by the way is the home of the best music ever recorded) the equipment was so big and bulky you needed a crew to help handle and setup everything. Oh! And don’t forget the crates of records that had to be stacked up against the wall. Technology was very limited back then. The next challenge was creating enough space between you and the equipment with all the party people so that it was enough room to dance without folks bumping into the turntables causing the records to skip (remember that)? Back then when the gig was over you had to divide the money up amongst you and the 4 to 5 people in your crew. Though the pay may not have been as lucrative as it is today, we were just happy getting the gig!!

evolution of music technology Today’s DJ’s got it made: MP3’s, All-In-One Controllers & Laptops make transporting and setting up equipment real convenient. In fact, technology has allowed most DJ’s to pack up all their equipment and store it in the back seat or trunk of a car, with enough music on the laptop to last a life time (ok, maybe not a life time, but you get my point). More importantly, with a single internet connection we’re capable of adding music we didn’t have to our existing music library on the fly – right in the middle of a gig. So what took some DJ’s so long to embrace the technology in today’s music industry? I can’t say for sure but I have to admit; it didn’t take me long at all to reap the benefits of working smarter and not harder. By contrast, to those who struggled laying their vinyl to rest, like my good friend Danny “Fut” James (R.I.P.) use to say, “You better hop on board or you’ll get left behind.” I hope you’re all caught up now. Next – Video Mixing…

The Pioneer DDJ-SXW is the newest addition to my state-of-the-art equipment. This controller by far extended my expectations of being on the cutting edge of mixing music. If you’re not familiar with the evolution of turntables to controllers read this article from Digital DJ Tips for an in-depth explanation.

ddj sxw


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