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Coolest Dog Gadgets

coolest dog gadgets Some of the coolest dog gadgets allow our pets to be treated like people sometimes. Most of us go as far as buying our pets clothes, allowing them to sleep in our beds, and even give our dogs carte blanche at the dinner table.

So, for those of you who would like to take it a step further and provide your precious pets with even more treats – we have an assortment of dog gizmos and gadgets that will have Fido living like the King that he is. Though, your home is your Castle – Fido just might say otherwise after being treated so well!

Coolest Dog Gadgets

It’s the human-quality bed that’s scaled down to provide a comfy night’s rest for your small- to medium-sized pet.
Soho Pet Bed

Your pet deserves a warm, cozy place to rest and sleep. So give him or her the Heated Pet Bed. It has a soft, waterproof orthopedic foam core and washable cover for durability and safety. Its on/off heat control warms up to 103 degrees (the temperature recommended by veterinarians) and it fits in a 24″ x 36″ kennel. Perfect for indoor/outdoor use…
Heated Pet Bed

The Cooling Dog Bed keeps your dog dry, cool and comfortable all summer, without batteries or electricity. Simply add water to the specially designed Cool Core, then adjust as desired using the special air valve. Water is diverted throughout the bed for a perfect cooling solution, indoors or outdoors. Features a rugged nylon/vinyl exterior that is tough, yet soft and pliable. Available in three sizes, in blue or gray.
Cooling Dog Bed

The Ceramic Pet Fountain continuously aerates and filters your pet’s water, keeping it cleaner and fresher than a normal water bowl. Dual free-falling streams add oxygen for freshness and encourage pets to drink more. It holds a half gallon, with a ceramic design that looks great and is easy to clean. Upper and lower dishes provide two approachable drinking areas.
Ceramic Pet Fountain

The Indoor Radio Pet Fence is a safe and easy-to-use system that effectively keeps your pet out of certain rooms, off the furniture and away from doors. Simply plug in the unit near the area you want to protect. When your pet gets near the area, his receiver collar (not included) sends a warning beep, followed by a safe, mild static correction.
Indoor Radio Pet Fence

Keep your pet safely contained in any vehicle with the Snoozer Luxury Lookout Car Seat. Keeps your pet contained in their own seat and elevates your pet enabling them to see out the window. (Elevation has been found to reduce carsickness.) Comfortable foam form covered in luxury microsuede with accent cording. Pullout drawer for convenient storage. Poly filled pillow and non-skid rubber bottom. Removable cover and pillow cover are machine washable/hang dry.
Snoozer Luxury Lookout II Pet Car Seat

Keep your pet close and safely contained with this Snoozer Car Seat. Patented design fits on your vehicle s console, keeping pet safely contained and elevated for an enjoyable ride for all. High Back design and non-skid bottom for extra protection. Comfortable foam form. Luxury microsuede cover is made with stylish accent cording and has a removable reversible inner pad. Cover and pad are machine washable/hang dry.
Snoozer Luxury High-Back Console Pet Car Seat

The cooling coat is lightweight and durable, economical and effective at keeping your dog cool in hot, dry weather. The Evaporative Dog Cooling Coat is made from comfortable quilted nylon on the outside, Hyperkewl fabric inner layer, and a water repellent nylon liner. It’s trimmed with black polycotton.
HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Dog Coat
HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Dog Coat


  1. A man’s best companion surely deserves the highest comfort possible. After all, he is the only living-being who showers his love unconditionally towards us. Gonna have one of these Soho bed’s and Snoozer Car Seat for my dog soon. Loved all the products mentioned. Very useful for someone who loves and cares for dogs just like his children.

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