Cool New Tech Gadgets & Gizmos

Cool New Tech Gadgets & Gizmos Makerbot: Replicator Mini 3D Printer

3D printers are very cool, however, it can really be bulky besides the fact that it is very expensive. Now, Makerbot Replicator Mini 3D printer is here to change that! The 3D maker, which is based in New York Brooklyn, has begun accepting pre-orders for their very own cool new tech gadgets. This latest device is very compact that it can practically fit to an ordinary desk. It is also user-friendly for it is Wi-Fi ready for easy sharing of documents and photos meant for printing. It can also do further interactions like monitoring its progress remotely thru its built-in camera.

cool new gadgets and gizmos Schwinn Smart Bike CycleNav

Last January of 2014, Schwinn introduced their latest product at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held at Las Vegas, Nevada. Schwinn Smart Bike CycleNav is a mobile application joined with a small machine for navigation which is designed and made to provide bikers a very detailed instructions from their own handlebars. CycleNav is the first ever navigation gadget that can give audio instructions and has visual indicators to direct bikers to their chosen destinations. By using this cool new tech gadget with your phone hidden either inside your bag or pocket, you are now free to just ride your bike and just listen to road instructions given by the CycleNav. Now that you are concentrated on the road and not in your phone while riding, it is now much safer for bikers to travel and explore new and exciting trails.

cool new gadgets and gizmos Dream One Speaker

Introduced also at CES last January 2014, this Dream One Speaker is made of 2inches aluminum cone, a 5inches passive radiator and a 4inches paper cone subwoofer. It is multi-directional Audio Speaker that may be enjoyed by using different kinds of connection like Wi-fi, Bluetooth, USB and AirPlay. This speaker can transform any device from simple audio device to a very complicated DJ deck. Though is product has not hit the market yet, you can gather more details by clicking here.

cool new tech gadgets Canary Home Security

Canary Home Security is the first ever home security that has HD video camera and has many sensors that can track anything from temperature, air and movement quality to sound, activity and vibration to maximize its function by keeping your home and family safe all the time. This is fully controlled by any Android devices or iPhones. Canary home security will alert you if it senses any sudden changes within its vicinity like sudden heat that may be caused by fire or any loud sound that may indicate intrusion. Alerts will be received through your device so that you can easily receive, act and view the situation at home wherever you are.

cool new tech gadgets Sleepow

Is sleeping comfortably a big problem for you? If yes, then this cool new tech gadget is made just for you. Sleepow is a pillow made of high quality memory foam with a fixed mp3 player. The player will play binaural beats that may help you relax and fall asleep soundly. You may also choose to upload your own chosen music into its mp3 player. Now deep sleeping will never be a problem anymore.

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