Cool Gadgets Men Want

What better way to a guy’s heart than through technology right?

cool gadgets for men Let me ask you a question… Do you think for Father’s Day Dad really want another tie and handkerchief when there is a plethora of cool gadgets men want? Come on… what guy hasn’t received a tie and hanky from a holiday party gift exchange?

Don’t get me wrong, we men can always use a tie, “but” we just don’t care to get one for every Holiday! The cool thing about technology is that it’s always evolving. And very often we all get caught up into the hype on the best new gadget e.g. the iPhone and purchase it without knowing very much about it. Before you know it, the competition comes out with their version (with all the bells and whistles) and now you don’t know what to get! Well, allow me to try and resolve some of the confusion by listing a few of the most trending men’s gadgets on the market.

 Men’s Gadgets

Click a button and this “ordinary” ballpoint pen discretely records audio files, shoots HD videos (with sound) and snaps high-quality still photos. Our new HD Video Pen improves on previous versions with a micro SD memory card slot and an included 8GB card that stores up to 132 hours of voice recordings, two hours of high-def video or 20,000 still images (slot supports card up to 32GB). Transfer files to any computer with included USB cable.
HD Video Camera Pen

This binocular combines the convenience of a built in camera to capture all the action, even from a distance. The binocular is an 8x magnification with 30 millimeter objective lenses. It has full multicoated optics, with BK-4 roof prism glass. The integrated digital camera gives you the ability to capture 5 megapixel images, 5 to 60 second instant replay video loops or continuous loops. SyncFocus technology sharpens and focuses your subject simultaneously through the binoculars’ lenses and the digital camera. An integrated 1.5” flip-up LCD screen allows for instant viewing of your images or video “on the fly”. The Digital Camera Binocluars have 16 MB on board memory, but also contain a SD slot to accept up to a 2 GB SD memory card.
Digital Camera Binoculars with LCD

NEVER NEEDS BATTERIES. COMPLETELY RUNS ON SOLAR POWER. Synced for accuracy with Atomic clocks in the U.S. and Japan, the self-charging Casio Solar Atomic Watch automatically calibrates itself up to five times per day via radio signal, so you always have the precise time. It even adjusts automatically for Daylight Savings Time! Best of all, there are no disposable batteries to replace — this sporty and sophisticated watch runs entirely on eco-friendly solar energy. Features include 1/100th second digital stopwatch, 100m water-resistance and night-glow luminous hands and markers. Keeps track of 29 time zones/30 cities and has 3 daily alarms. 
Solar Atomic Watch

Tame your unruly body hair – no matter where it’s growing, with the Private Body Shaver. Good hair grooming doesn’t stop with your head. This body hair shaver features an advanced trimmer/foil blade design that effortlessly trims both short & long body hair. This electric body shaver can be used wet or dry, and cleans up easily – just remove the top blade unit and rinse it in the sink. Our Private Body Shaver features a fast charging rechargeable battery, so it’s always ready to give you the ultimate sleek groomed look. Order this private body shaver today. 
Private Body Shaver

Be prepared for just about anything, with the 12-In-1 Survival Tool. This essential piece of survival equipment generates emergency power when you need it – enough to power-up your cell phone or MP3 player. Crank the handle and charge up the battery for a full 45 hours of flashlight use. This emergency tool combines 12 crucial tools into one handheld emergency survival kit. This multi tool survival kit contains a panic alarm, LED flashlight, digital FM radio, motion activated security alarm, red emergency flasher, cell phone charger, AC charging adapter input, compass, self charging hand crank, signal mirror, thermometer, and lanyard. Whether you’re at home or in the wilderness – with the 12-In-1 Survival Tool you’ll be ready for anything. 
12-in-1 Survivor Tool

Don’t throw away your razor blade — clean it instead! The Razor Blade Cleaner uses unique and patented friction technology to clean and sharpen your used razor blades, extending their life by up to 6 times! Simply rub your razor against the surface after every shave to remove microscopic residue. Your razor will be cleaner and feel sharper, so you’ll change blades less often — and save money. Includes a 150 ml container of anti-bump shave foam. 
Razor Blade Cleaner And Foam

Why lug your heavy toolbox all over the house when all of your essential tools can now fit in the palm of your hand? The 21-in-1 Multitool is everything you need for such everyday tasks as hanging a picture, putting up shelves and assembling flat-packed furniture. It features 21 handy tools in a stylish, urban design, including hammering surface, tape measure, liquid level, LED light, alloy magnet and screwdriver (with 16 bits). The cast aluminum body and rubber touch handle are ergonomically integrated to act tough and feel good. It’s perfect for home, dorm or office, and it makes a great housewarming gift too.
21- in-1 Multi Tool



  1. Love love love the mini voice recorder. I’ve been looking for something similar to that. Do you just transfer the recording to your laptop using the Bluetooth capabilities? Or plug it in via USB?

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