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Best Streamlight Tactical Led Flashlight Penlight

Best Streamlight Tactical Led Flashlight Penlight Safety for loved ones pretty much trumps everything else in life… and the best thing you can do for your children as a parent is to ensure they are equipped with everything they need for survival. So, for starters what better way to do just that than with a tactical led flashlight.

If you watch any kind of television… I’m sure at one time or another, you’ve had the pleasure of seeing a “tactical flashlight commercial” where they explore the many benefits of owning one.

Although a tactical flashlight comes packed with a plethora of benefits and safety features… we’re going to scale down a bit and focus our attention on the Tactical LED Flashlight Penlight – namely, the Streamlight 66120 Stylus Pro Penlight with White LED and Holster, Red – 100 Lumens.

The Streamlight Stylus Pro is more than just a gadget… it’s a sleek anodized aluminum and convenient penlight that runs on common AAA batteries – yet built for professional use.

The stylus pro features an impressive 100-lumen output and runs continuously for up to 8 hours with a 203-foot beam range (62 meters).

More Features from the LED Flashlight Penlight

• measures 5.3″ long x 0.6″
• unbreakable and scratch resistant polycarbonate lens
• push button tail switch with momentary on and constant on/off
• an internal polymer body liner and shock proof switch housing allow for operation under the most extreme conditions
• unbreakable pocket clip
• shockproof and drop tested construction
• waterproof and O-ring sealed (IPX4 rated – not dive rated)
• corrosion resistant
• ideal for tactical use
• includes pocket clip open-top nylon belt holster and batteries
• made in China
• limited lifetime warranty from Streamlight

The stylus pro offers amazing brightness and runtime for a light of its size and price.



  1. Hey! weirdly one of the most important features this flashlight pens has is the unbreakable pocket clip. I have lost track how many of these pocket type lights my son has snapped and lost. Great review this one looks a great purchase, great stocking filler for this time of year.

    1. Hi Dianne- 

      The unbreakable pocket clip is a great feature… and you’re totally on point with the stocking stuffer idea. Glad you enjoyed!


  2. Hi Mark,

    Having worked in the light and laser industry for over 20 years, I love anything about lights.

    And this looks like 1 bright hand-held at 100 lumen.

    I had 2 questions:

    1) Is there a link to a site where we can buy the flaslight;

    2) Do you have a video of how effective the flashlight is at night?

    That would be great information to have.

    Look forward to your reply.


    1. Hey Tim-

      I’m sure being in the industry for so long you can really appreciate these types of gadgets. Here’s a link to the product page: 

      To answer your second question… a video is forthcoming check back in a week or two!


  3. Hi Mark, this looks like a really cool gadget! Specially with 62m range. In Australia, we have tone of creepy crawlies and snakes –  a good flashlight is a must. I think streamlight ones are better because they are more focused.  Do you know if it is possible to put a little holding string to it, to wrap it around wrist or something?



    1. Hi Katya-

      That would be an awesome feature to have in addition to the holster. Unfortunately, this particular product does not have that option. However, if I come across one that does I’ll put an update on the comments.


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