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Best Spy Gadgets On The Go

Best Spy Gadgets On The Go Remember the good ole’ days when Sean Connery played 007 in the James Bond movies? Or what about the 70’s tv show “Get Smart” when Don Adams used his shoe as a telephone? Nonetheless, they had spy gadgets that were way beyond its time!

You have to admit though… everyone has a little secret agent in them. In other words I’m sure there have been a time or two that you may have wanted to catch your stealing neighbor red handed right? Or maybe catching your kids with their hands caught in the cookie jar?

With so many gadgets now plaguing the market, I thought it would be a good idea to complement those of you who’ve had it up to your eyeballs with suspension. So we seeked out the most elusive hidden cameras for catching a cheating spouse. I’m sorry… maybe that’s not your angle and you have other hidden agendas for using spy gadgets. No worries… we’re not here to judge you, only to highlight some the best kept secrets in “spy gadgets” to fulfil your purpose (no matter what that might be…)

Today’s gadgets are getting smaller and cheaper by the minute. Now you can get the most elusive subtle camera without breaking your budget – cameras that have more powerful batteries than ever before and that can stream HD video footage to your phone with ease.

So… whether you’re looking for something that’s just extra cool, or maybe just prefer the best spy gadget for true camouflage and surveillance, you need the best of the best to ensure the nanny cam is catching more than just child-related tasks in your absence.

Take for instance this HD Video Camera Pen

Click a button and this “ordinary” ballpoint pen covertly shoots high-quality videos and still pictures. The rechargeable HD Video Camera Pen shoots AVI videos (with sound) in 1280×720 resolution and JPEG photos in 1600×1200 resolution. Download files to any computer via USB… even use it as a webcam or a backup USB flash drive.

Want to know what your pets are doing while you’re away? Check this out Pet and Home Monitoring Wi-Fi Camera

  best spy gadgets on the go

Now you can keep an eye on things with the Pet and Home Monitoring Wi-Fi Camera. Stream live video and sound right to your device, or receive push notifications every time the motion and sound detector catches movement, and automatically records activity in front of the camera. It stores 100 videos in the cloud for free, and even has night vision for 24/7 peace of mind.

If you ever wanted a clock that does more than just tell time and play the radio… well  this Hidden Camera Clock Radio might just be what you’re looking for.

best spy gadgets on the go
The rechargeable Hidden Camera Clock Radio is so small and discreet no one could possibly know it’s an all-in-one surveillance system! It records high-quality photos and videos (with sound) and plays them back on the built-in 2” color screen. It records up to 24 hours on a 32GB micro SD card. Features motion detection mode, infrared night vision (9’ range), FM radio, auxiliary line-in jack and includes ear buds. Continuous loop recording overwrites old footage so you never run out of memory.

Ok… so some of these spy gadgets you may have already been familiar with. But I admit, this one is caught me off guard… USB Thumb Drive Spy Cam

best spy gadgets on the go
The rechargeable USB Thumb Drive Spy Cam looks just like an ordinary mass storage device. But press a button and it shoots high-definition videos, snaps amazing JPEG photos and records WAV audio files. Or, set it to motion-detection mode and leave it behind — it starts recording the moment it detects movement. Save your files on a memory card or download them to any PC or Mac via USB. You can even use it as a regular USB storage drive.

How would you like to look cool and spy at the same time? One Touch Video Recording Sunglasses

best spy gadgets on the go
The rechargeable One Touch Video Recording Sunglasses are sleek and stylish, with a high-quality polarized lenses featuring UV400 protection. They’re superlight — just 1.5 ounces — and conceal a 1280 x 720P pinhole video camera right between the eyes. A 63° wide-angle lens records AVI videos (with audio) at 30FPS, with the touch of a button. The 8GB onboard memory lets you record over 60 minutes of HD video.

Sometimes you might just want to roll up and be discrete about your intentions… if that’s the case you need the RC Spy Tank

best spy gadgets on the go
The amazing RC Spy Tank has a built-in video camera that transmits live videos to your iPhone or iPad, so you can peek in on your friends or co-workers. Just download the free app to control the tank. You can even raise and lower the camera lens remotely to get the perfect angle, then press a button to save pictures and videos on your device. The RC Spy Tank generates its own Wi-Fi network, so you can use it anywhere.

Now that you’ve seen them all… tell us what you like, or dislike in the comments below!


  1. The gadgets look great. I especially like the 4 slice muffin toaster with the egg cooker. I love all sorts of gadgets especially for the kitchen and I like to give them them to family and friends at special times like birthdays and christmas. I am going to bookmark your website and re-visit when I need to. Do you have a newsletter I can subscibe to or something that will tell me what new products you are adding?

    1. Hi Rena-

      Glad you enjoy our products… and yes there is a newsletter. You can sign up through the side widget for free updates.


  2. Wow this is amazing, the clock and the pen are my favorite, and i watched the video you’ve included, its quite amazing how that little thing can take such high quality pictures. I dont know if I missed something or I didn’t, but does the pen take videos or just pictures?

    Me personally if you wanted one at home the best one is the clock since there is no way you can tell that has a camera.

  3. Wow these gadgets look amazing.

    My favorite one is the camera pen. Since I was I kid I wanted to have these type of gadget. I always to feel as if I was in a action movie. Like James Bond. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them now but it could be fun to some of those laying around. aha

    Thank you for sharing these gadgets with us.


  4. About how large is the pet and home monitoring wifi camera? It looks like it might be the same size as an air purifier or dehumidifier, or am I way off? Either way, it looks inconspicious, as it looks like (from the picture) just that…some sort of air purifier, humidifier/dehumidifier/space heater/sound system even…..some gadget for the home that would be for anything but discreetly capturing video. 🙂

    1. Hi Martina-

      The picture the picture is a bit misleading… it’s actually half the size of a dehumidifier.


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