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Best Electronic Gadgets For Entertainment

best electronic gadgets entertainment Seems like everyday technology is working its magic to conjure up some of the best electronic gadgets for school and entertainment. When we think of electronics we think of televisions, audio equipment, and gaming consoles just to name a few. However some of the best electronic gadgets on the market are made to help educate also.

Being that I’m somewhat partial to Apple and their products such as the Mac Book Pro, iPhone 5, iPad & iPod – I still spend a significant amount of time on my Windows PC. Having said that, you should see all the apps and software made exclusively for these products to help educate, inform, conduct business, and not to mention entertain us.

With so many fascinating electronic gadgets readily available for immediate purchase, there are a plethora of new gadgets set to hit the market in the weeks ahead. One particular product that I am very much interested in is the Curve TV by Samsung. This TV will definitely add some appeal to my entertainment theater system.

Curve TV

According to Forbes, here are 6 reasons to buy one

  • You feel more immersed in what you’re watching
  • It feels like like you’re experiencing a wider field of view
  • You see more sharpness at the edges of the image
  • It feels like pictures have more depth
  • You can enjoy a richer contrast performance
  • You can watch pictures from a wider viewing angle

Surface Pro 3

best electronic gadgets for Being the tech savvy geek that I actually like being referred to…. I am still without a Surface Pro by Microsoft. So despite having a Mac Book Pro, a Windows PC Laptop, an iPad etc… next on deck – The Surface Pro 3. According to Microsoft, the new starter model is the fastest i-3 equipped device on the market today. The Surface Pro offers an optional keyboard that transforms the tablet into a notebook. Microsoft’s latest offering packs specs and features that are on par with other notebooks such as that of Apple’s MacBook Air. Moreover, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 also comes with touchscreen panels and a stylus that are missing in Apple’s laptop.

All Surface computers are thin and lightweight and use the included electronic stylus for inputting information via the touch screen. By the way… the commercials Microsoft makes are quite entertaining too!

Sony PS4

best electronic gadgets for Although I’m not much of a gamer anymore, I use my PS3 for a host of other entertainment needs. For instance, never brought a Blu-ray player – simply because my PS3 played my Blu-ray movies in 1080p. Furthermore, purchasing a Smart TV was never on my radar (ok, maybe it was briefly) in part because my PS3 allowed me to connect to the internet where I could log into to my social media accounts, as well as watch movies on Netflix. I never really got the chance to dabble with some of the other features.

So now Sony has introduced the PS4… what more could this new platform add that the PS3 didn’t already offer? Well, since I don’t own one yet – I have heard a lot of buzz about a new feature called Share Play. Share Play allows you to play local multiplayer games with a friend who is not physically with you. This works in two different ways. In one case, you can (virtually) hand off your controller to a friend as if you were both sitting in the same room, presumably so you could take turns with a single-player game. In the other case, you can invite someone to play a game’s local multiplayer with you–again, without actually being in the same physical location. Share Play requires PlayStation Plus.

Other new features in the 2.0 update include the ability to search for PlayStation Network users by their real name, and a way to upload saved videos directly to YouTube (rather than just Facebook).

So what are your thoughts?? Do you prefer Apple of Windows? PS4 over the XBOX? Let us know in the comments below…

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