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Apple Watch Bands And Accessories

Apple Watch Bands & Accessories The day I received my apple watch I was jumping for joy… you see, I’m a avid fan of apple products and own just about everything they’ve introduced to the market place. Not only is the apple watch stylish and very sexy, the productivity and sleek design makes it very attractive; especially now with the new apple watch bands and accessories available.

Unbeknownst to me, I stumbled across a plethora of apple watch bands and accessories that don’t get much exposure. So of course it only makes since to share my findings and showcase in my opinion some of the best apple watch bands and accessories you can pick up today.

A Preview Of Apple Watch Bands & Accessories

Apple – Milanese Loop For Apple Watch™ 38mm – Stainless Steel

apple watch band and accessories A modern interpretation of a design developed in Milan at the end of the 19th century. Woven on specialized Italian machines, the smooth stainless steel mesh wraps fluidly around your wrist. And because it’s fully magnetic, the Milanese Loop is infinitely adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit.
Band fits 130-180mm wrists.

Nomad – Leather Strap For Apple Watch 42mm – Brown/silver

apple watch bands and accessories Experience luxury with this Nomad leather strap for the Apple Watch. By utilizing only the finest Italian calfskin leather, Nomad provides a unique, quality strap that exudes sophistication and style. Naturally resilient, the leather maintains its supple, handmade appearance over time. Artisanal linen thread and a stainless steel buckle contribute to the handsome, sturdy build of this Nomad leather strap.

Monowear – Watch Band For Apple Watch™ 42mm – Black/gray

apple watch band and accessories Add a luxurious look to your Apple Watch with this Monowear MWMLBK22MTDG watch band, which features a metal link construction for stylish all-day comfort.

Griffin – Uptown Double-wrap Band For Apple Watch 38mm – Toffee

apple watch bands and accessories Enjoy fabulous color and chic appeal with this Griffin Uptown leather band for the Apple Watch. Stainless steel lugs hold your Apple Watch securely to the wristband, and the stitching along the top gives professional appeal and practical durability. This Griffin Uptown leather band for the Apple Watch looks great on almost any wrist.

X-doria – Defense Edge Case For 42mm Apple Watch™ – Metallic Red

apple watch band and accessories Shield your 42mm Apple Watch against scratches and impacts with this X-Doria Defense Edge 62-0884-05-XP case, which features a machined-aluminum exterior and a soft rubber interior to guard your device against damage.

Catalyst – Case For Apple Watch 42mm – Stealth Black

apple watch bands and accessories Swim with confidence when your Apple Watch is protected by this waterproof Catalyst case. The case can be safely immersed in salt water, and it shields your watch if you drop it. This Catalyst case adds a touch of bold color to your device, and it maintains the signature slim profile of the Apple Watch.

Just Mobile – Lounge Dock Stand For Apple Watch™ – Black/silver

apple watch bands and accessories Rest your Apple Watch on this Just Mobile Lounge Dock ST-120 stand, which offers a soft-touch cuff for your device and a recessed platform to house your magnetic charger. Adjust the stand for an optimal view of your smartwatch’s display.

Nomad – Pod Pro Portable Charger – Space Gray

apple watch bands and accessories Power your Apple Watch™ or iPhone® on the go with this Nomad Pod Pro portable charger, which features an integrated 600 mAh battery and a 9.44″ Lightning cable to provide a long-lasting charge for your device. Anodized aluminum housing offers a stylish finish.

As you can see… these items are a great compliment to go along with your timepiece. This is only the beginning, stay tuned for future updates on additional apple watch bands and accessories. In the meantime, let us know what’s your favorite compliment to the apple watch and why in the comment section below.


  1. I agree with you, apple products are the best. They are so easy to use and have the sleekest designs.

    I didn’t know they had apple watch bands either. I like the idea of being able to customize your watch to look exactly the way you want to. I’ve always been on the fence about apple watch, but this may have swayed me into wanting one.

    Thanks for the information, I really like the leather one.

  2. This is such a cool article! I didn’t know that you could buy different bands for the Apple watch. I guess it’s kind of like buying cases for your iPad…but better! I really like the Milanese loop stainless steel and the double wrap leather bands. The watch comes with its own standard band, right? So these extra bands are just to customize it?

    1. Hi Kiersten

      Yes, these are just a few of the additional watch bands you can purchase to help customize your apple watch. You’d be surprised of all the accessories now available.


  3. This is a great post. I never realized Apple actually had special watchbands before. Is there anything these guys aren’t into. I love gadgets but I’m afraid apple is out of y range. I think I will stick with Android. It is cheaper and it does do the same thing doesn’t it?

    1. Hi Margaret-

      I have to admit… I’m a little bias towards Apple products. I practically own everything they put out. Having said that, I have been somewhat intrigued with Android lately. They have great products as well, and offer a few features on their smart phones Apple can’t compete with. But I’m still loyal…


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