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Apple iWatch Sale – Don’t Expect One In 2014

apple iwatch sale Don’t include an Apple iWatch as part of your Holiday Shopping this year… the Apple iWatch Sale release date won’t be until early 2015 according to recent reports. Though stories have surfaced placing a current release date as sometime in February, but newer remarks attributed to Apple executives suggest a release date will likely be in spring 2015.

Apple iWatch Products

The Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition were all uniquely designed with different materials (including aluminum, 18K gold, and pink gold) and wrist strap choices, which vary between feminine, masculine and young adults. The interface on all three phones are generally alike, including such features as:

  •  Heart-Rate Tracking Technology – operates optically, much similar to recent heart-rate wrist monitors; however Apple seems to be more robust, at least within external design, compared to other heart-tracking watches, and thus appears to be further accurate.
    •  Digital Touch Communication – based around a great list involving friends you’ve communicated with recently, which enables you to send small pictures and sketches to your friends with some simply taps.
    • Messages – sending as well as acquiring messages put in Apple Watch. You can dictate messages or perhaps click through preset options — Apple can make suggestions based on details you write most. You may also skip words altogether involving new animated emojis.
    •  Walkie-Talkie – a fun option to communicate besides a phone call, utilize the built-in speaker along with the microphone to trade spur-of-the-moment sound bites within friends.
    •  The Activity app – Apple view gives a quick powerful image of a daily activity, with three rings telling you everything you need to know. Current move ring shows how many calories you’ve burned. Your current Exercise ring shows how several minutes of brisk activity you’ve done and more…
    • Passbook – retains ones tickets, and boarding passes together within an accessible place. This likewise lets a person securely store credit and debit cards as well for purchases through support mobile payments.

apple iwatch sale


Additional Features

Siri is also integrated into the  watch, thus enabling you to do things such as obtain what movies are generally playing. Plus the addition of the photo app, where you’re able to check out an overview of photos, displayed with a grid-like Photostream that can be used to help zoom into, or swipe to scroll through pictures.

The built-in speaker and microphone make chats easy, and calls can transfer seamlessly to the I phone for extended conversations. You might also transfer calls from Apple view to your own car’s speakerphone or the Bluetooth headset.

Apple Battery Life

Tim Cook did not elaborate in great deal on the Apple watches battery life, however he did indicate that this smartwatch is meant to end up being “worn just about all day” on a  single charge. Like most smartwatches, you will need a compatible iPhone to be able to use the Apple Watch. Supported handsets include the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5.

The Apple Watch will be available to buy from $349.

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