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Mark Anthony

My name Mark, born and raised in Los Angeles CA. I grew up in a an era where iPods, notebooks, and tablets where non-existent. Instead, our means of entertainment were vinyl records, cassette tapes, and 8-track players (some of you are probably saying “you poor thing” or “what the heck is he talking about”). Needless to say, electronic devices back in the 70’s & 80’s was no comparison than what technology has to offer today.


We live in an era of modern technology where we can download, share, and play music on devices as small as our pinky finger. Having said that, I welcome you to my blog where I share with you some of the most coolest gadgets & gizmos that are trending with today’s technology.

Feel free to comment on my posts, share the content, and more importantly subscribe as I will be updating my blog often with new content. Until then, “think like a geek” and embrace technology in an effort to enhance your lifestyle and/or business endeavors like myself and other like-minded professionals are doing:)

Thank you for your interest!



Email: Info@CoolMustHaveGadgets.com