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10 Pre Black Friday Online Deals To Order Today

10 Pre black friday online deals to order today With the thrill of Black Friday rapidly approaching… consumers are anxiously awaiting the announcement of all the Black Friday Deals. However, you may be shocked to find that some of your favorite stores may not be open this year – which is why we highlighted some of our own pre-Black Friday online deals you can order today.

Although many stores will open their doors on Thanksgiving Day… a plethora of them will be closed, and other merchants are still contemplating whether or not to open. Having said that, click here to see a current list of stores that will be closed on Turkey Day.

Pre Black Friday Online Deals


2017 Pre Black Friday Online Deals To Buy Today The amazing Skatecycle glides like a skateboard on any flat surface, but it’s unlike any board you’ve ever seen. To ride it, slip your feet into the platforms within the hubless polyurethane wheels. Then, simply twist your body to propel yourself forward — your feet never touch the ground! When you’re finished riding, the Skatecycle folds in half for easy transport and storage. Available in White or Black. Assembly required. Ages 14+.


2017 Pre Black Friday Online Deals To Buy Today The Terra Trike just might be the most innovative self-powered transportation on the planet! This recumbent tricycle is designed to be stable, reliable and fun. With its tadpole design (two wheels up front and one behind) this amazingly sturdy recumbent trike is built to comfortably hold riders up to 400 pounds. The TerraTrike features a seat that’s at least four inches higher than other recumbent trikes – so it’s easier to get in and out of. Plus it features powerful disc brake, 3-speed internally geared maintenance free hub, and a turning radius tighter than most two wheelers. You’ll love the TerraTrike so much you’ll want to ride it indoors – and you can if you add the available indoor stabilizer! Available in 3 different sizes so you can tailor your ride to your size.

Clip-On Bluetooth Tracker

2017 Pre Black Friday Online Deals To Buy Today Keep tabs on your wallet, purse, luggage or anything else with the App Controlled Tracking Device. This tiny tracker pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. When your item goes out of range (50 or 100 ft.) an alarm sounds on your phone so you won’t leave your item behind. Or, press a button on the tracker to ring your phone when you misplace your phone. As an added benefit, you can use the tracker as a “selfie remote” to control your camera from across the room. Includes a genuine Black leather case with built-in money clip. Compatible with iPhones and iPads running iOS 6.0+ and Samsung Galaxy/Android devices running OS 4.3+.

Lelo Siri2 Music Massager

2017 Pre Black Friday Online Deals To Buy Today Combine the emotion of music with sensual vibrations of pleasure. The rechargeable Lelo Siri2 Music Massager is the only palm-held massager that responds to ambient noise. Whether it’s your favorite music or your lover’s voice, it adds a whole new dimension to your personal massage experience. Works up to 2 hours on a full charge, and features a 100% waterproof design, plus 8 pre-set vibration patterns inspired by different musical genres. Available in Purple or Black.

Camera Ski Goggles

2017 Pre Black Friday Online Deals To Buy Today The high-performance HD Camera Ski Goggles capture your winter sports adventures in studding high definition video! These anti-fog goggles feature an impact-resistant frame, premium high-density lens, 100% UV protection, dual strap adjustments and helmet compatibility. A 170 degree wideangle camera lens captures 1080p and 720p HD quality video, and shoots 12MP photos. The camera automatically adjusts for light levels, and has infinity focus, so everything looks bright and sharp. Use the in-goggle viewfinder and glove-ready side buttons to record up to three hours on a full charge. Download your videos to any Mac or PC via USB.

RC Micro Drone

2017 Pre Black Friday Online Deals To Buy Today Say hello to the world’s smallest quadcopter drone! The RC Micro Drone is the perfect size for indoor flights — and office shenanigans! It features a built-in gyroscope, plus 2.4GHz/4.5 channel technology, just like the big boys… but it measures in at just one inch tall! It flies forward, backward, up, down, side-to-side and rotates with the easy-to-use twin stick controller. Features LED lights for night flights and easy orientation. Available in Black, Red or Blue. Transmitter requires 2 AAA batteries. Drone charges via USB with included cable.

Wireless Car Mouse-BMW

2017 Pre Black Friday Online Deals To Buy Today Our Wireless Car Mouse is the cure for the plain peripheral. You’ll zoom through your work, e-mails and games with the latest 2.4 GHz wireless technology, plug-and-play USB nano receiver and adjustable high-resolution optics for 800dpi or 1600dpi scanning. These devices also feature a 30′ range and working LED headlights and tail lights.

Smartphone Power Boost Pen

2017 Pre Black Friday Online Deals To Buy Today Don’t let your smartphone run out of power ever again! With the Smartphone Power Boost Pen you’ll always be carrying an emergency charge. The front of the pen is a premium “twist action” stylus ballpoint you’ll be happy to carry with you wherever you go. The back of the pen is a powerful 650mAh backup battery that will quickly recharge any Android or iPhonesmartphone. Perfect for travelers, it’s as portable as a charger can get, and the only emergency smartphone charger you’ll ever need. Available in Pearl Black and Electric Blue. Compatible with Android and iPhone smartphones.

Clip-On Golf Accessory Case

2017 Pre Black Friday Online Deals To Buy Today Stop digging around the bottom of your golf bag. The Clip-On Golf Accessory Case is the perfect way to keep all your small essentials together in one place. Made of top grain Nappa leather, it features five slots for tees, a zippered pocket for your divot tool and ball markers, plus a Velcro enclosure for your keys and valuables. The back features a pencil loop and framed window pocket for your scorecard. This handsome case is topped off with an elegant pewter swivel clip. Available in Black or Cocoa.

Lamborghini Mouse with Mousepad

2017 Pre Black Friday Online Deals To Buy Today Cruise the Web in style with the Wireless Lamborghini Mouse. Based on Lamborghini’s flagship model, the Murcielago, this officially licensed computer mouse utilizes the latest RF and optical technology, with 800-dpi resolution for enhanced accuracy and precision movement. Set-up is easy: simply plug the tiny wireless receiver into a USB port on your computer and turn on the mouse. Features functioning headlights and a light-up scroll wheel. Compatible with PC and Mac.

Let us know in the comments below which of these 10 Pre Black Friday Online Deals intrigues you the most…


  1. There is a nothing like a good few black friday deals. All of these products look really cool and original as well. I thought at first that terrotrike was an indoor exercise bike but you can actually ride it. Haha, that is awesome. Do you know anyone that has one of these? What is the price of the skatecycle?

    1. Hey Josh-

      Personally, I don’t know anyone who owns the Terra Trike… however the price of the skatecycle is about $159. If you click the link you can check out an awesome video for the skatecycle.


  2. Excellent post on Black Friday deals! I especially love the clip-on bluetooth tracker and the micro drone! these are not only great gifts but items I would love to buy for myself! I always enjoy seeing new products that I never knew existed!
    When I clicked on the clip-on bluetooth link it says it is no longer available. bummer!

    1. Hey Dave… check back again on or before Black Friday to see if it’s again in stock. Glad to see you found value in some of products.


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